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      It was part of the Rye Town Crier's duties to flog the unruly youth of the district. Reuben made a facenot that he minded being flogged, but he felt badly bruised already. He fell back on the straw, and buried his head in it. They were on the Playden road, near Bannister's Town, and he would have time for a sleep before they came to Rye. Sleep helped things wonderfully.

      "Sir, that would be folly!" cried his son."It's that hemmed g?ate of yournlost everything!" cried Reuben.

      "How is she?" he asked Mrs. Backfield."I've got to tell you," he said. "I came hereI don't know why, but maybe I just came to tell you what's happening."



      "Be quiet! I won't hear such stuff. I'm not going to be a prisoner, and miss my fun just because you and Ben are jealous fools."She laughed again. He stooped forward and kissed her forehead, and the laugh died on her lips.


      Notwithstanding the recent flush of pleasure which warmed the heart of the yeoman, his resolution appeared again to forsake himhe endeavoured to speak, but in vainhe appeared to be overwhelmed by a variety of contending emotions; but the stern voice of De Boteler aroused him, and in a choked voice, he pronounced after Calverley the fealty of a bondman, holding his right hand over the book: