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      Felipa forgot her contempt for Cairness. She was interested and suddenly aroused herself to show it. "How do you come to be living with the Indians?" she asked. It was rarely her way to arrive at a question indirectly. "Have you married a squaw?"

      Thanks, Dick retorted, without smiling.

      Now you had better go and get that life preserver, and well cut it open, suggested Mr. Everdail. I guess its safe enough hidden in the tail of Jeffs plane He was baiting their trap. Dont look so surprised, Jeffthat was what caused your hoodooed crate to go out of controlbut we dont suspect you of putting it there!

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      The never ending changes of the service, which permitted no man to remain in one spot for more than two years at the utmost limit, had sent Landor's troop back to Grant, and it was from there that he was ordered out at the beginning of the summer.

      Taylor realized from the Benedict's greater knowledge that it was asking a great deal, but still not[Pg 252] too much. He assured Cairness that she should be cared for.

      The engine had long before been stopped.


      While he hurried on, pausing only to collect a wienie and roll for lunch, Larry and Dick saw Jeff approach across the green of the fairway and took cover.



      Landor came sliding and running down. His face was misshapen with the anger that means killing. She saw it, and her powers came back to her all at once. She put both hands against his breast and pushed him back, with all the force of her sinewy arms. His foot slipped on a stone and he fell.She looked at him in perplexity and surprise. "How could I be? There is no use talking about it."