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      "As likewise my wive to me!" said the swelling Mandeville, openly caressing the tearful Constance. "Wive to 'usband," he declaimed, "sizter to brother--" But his audience was lost. Hilary was speaking softly to Anna. She was very pale. The throng drew away. You could see that he was asking if she only could in no extremity come to him. His words were inaudible, but any one who had ever loved could read them. And now evidently he proposed something. There was ardor in his eye--ardor and enterprise. She murmured a response. He snatched out his watch.

      Andand you deny it! she faltered, with a gleam of hope. II said that you were not guilty. Butbut the evidence!When she could collect herself sufficiently to look round, Esmeralda found that she had Norman Druce upon her right and Lord Selvaine on her left. The table was oval, and the party of a family character.

      Your grace is polite, he said.

      "Yes," interrupted Anna, "let's put that behind us--henceforth, as the boat is doing now."

      When Esmeralda went down to the breakfast-room the next morningthe dainty room redolent with the perfume of the roses which stood in great bowls on the table and sideboardshe saw him outside in the garden, and a faint blush rose to her pale face. How should she greet him? What should she say to him? When he came in, they were alone, and he stood in the door-way for a second or two, looking at her. She just glanced at him, and was busy with the coffee cups.


      Trafford stood rigid and motionless, the big drops of sweat gathering on his brow.


      II fell asleep, he said in a hard, strained voice, I was out herewalkingand lay down. I must have fallen asleep without knowing it.


      He went upstairs and entered her room, and absently walked to the dressing-table. There still lay upon it the envelope addressed to him; for Barker had not noticed it, in the confusion of her discovery of Esmeraldas absence, and the greater confusion of the dukes death. He took it up, and with shaking hands opened it. The ring fell to the floor, and for a moment or two he seemed incapable of searching for it. When he had found it, he held it in the palm of his hand and gazed at it dully, as if it were something curious and unique; then its meaning bore down upon him, and with a groan he left the room, the ring clinched in his hand.