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      what happens, and Ime shure you feel the saim way. Annabel."

      "Better let me try my hand," said the Deacon. "You've bin away from the farm for so long you've probably lost the knack. I'm a famous milker.""What does that mean?" said the Major anxiously.221

      "Rosenbaum is as certain as he is of his life," said Si to the Captain and the rest, "that Bragg has the bulk of his army at Shelbyville, which, as you say, is but 25 miles from here, and that he will draw the rest in and fight us behind the awfully big forts that he has been building for the last six months from Shelbyville to War Trace. Rosenbaum says that he knows it for a fact that 3,000 negroes have been worked on the forts ever since Bragg retreated there last January."

      "They're awful nice, Si, but I've got enough. Keep the rest for yourself."By the time every shot in the cartridge-boxes had been fired at them they had forced their way half-up the slope.




      "If you want suthin' to eat," said the woman promptly, "I kin gin it to ye. I never turn no hungry man away from my door. Wait a minnit and I'll bring ye some."